My personal philosophy dictates how I approach almost everything. It is a definitive factor on how my life works out. Building one I've learned guides me in a direction towards my own North Star. This is the blueprint of mine, my roadmap, my quintessence, whatever it may be called—outlined all in four-word quotes—straightforward, meaningful, and to the point. Words to live by each day.

"It's about the work."

— President Barack Obama
Feeling stuck, questioning doubts, worrying about the right path are just about the same rhythms every person has to take on. To go through such moments like these, I have to remind myself that it’s about the work. It helps define who I am and why I do what I do. To me, the objective is not solely about numbers, reputation or accomplishments. What matters is staying focused, investing time and effort on the craft. What matters is working together. What matters is doing good work. There is always something that needs to be done.

"Create more, consume less."

— Anonymous
Each person has a natural desire to create. Moreover, each person has a greater natural habit to consume. Creating comes from inside, consuming comes from outside (...most of the time). They are both important, but one is more active and the other is more passive. What makes creating harder is that it demands labor and responsibility, whereas consuming merely requires presence—somebody else has already done work. When I consume, I try to do it mindfully and economically. Consuming leaves an emptiness, but creating leaves a lasting and deeper happiness.

"Keep it simple stupid."

— Kelly Johnson/United States Navy
Strive for simplicity, that’s what the great minds teach. Solutions should be kept easy and be short of unnecessary complexity. I tend to overdo everything—overwrite, overthink, overcomplicate. Simplicity is something I find very difficult to “truly” arrive at but a process I nevertheless keep on practicing at. I believe in keeping a minimal lifestyle, sticking to the essentials and having meaning. With the abundance of unimaginable choices available today, a slower paced life and just less of everything are what I highly value.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish."

— Stewart Brand/Steve Jobs
A young hitchhiker out on a road somewhere—a little bit hungry, a little bit foolish for what’s next, without any regard for the status quo—embodies the very call to pursue wild ambitions with great determination. For me, a mix of curiosity and craziness is what keeps me going, keeps me awakened, keeps me appreciative of what surrounds me. I celebrate discomfort, embrace spontaneity, and welcome challenges. I can never stop learning.

"It's never too late."

— Anonymous
The cliché is overstated, the lesson is fundamental. It’s never too late for anything. I believe that the past or any form of barrier should not dictate a person's potential but serve as a guide. Every lesson, every pain, every setback builds the experiences to become someone, an ultimate version. The problem is making excuses. The problem is fear—the fear of failing, of making risky outcomes, of feeling something unpleasant. Fear should be accepted.

"Own who you are."

— Anonymous

"Fortune favors the brave."

— Latin proverb