An iOS app that gives users a real-time dashboard that shows the status of their grain storage bins in order to predict and prevent any grain spoilage


Targeted Grain Management, Inc.
UI Designer & iOS Developer
6 months
Sketch, Xcode, Podfiles


Targeted Grain Management

Targeted Grain Management, Inc. helps farmers and growers in the grain supply chain with a system of grain aeration machines using advanced technology, quality sensors, and extensive data.

The Targeted Grain Management (TGM) System is a platform of machines that monitors and controls grain storages/bin sites as well as the weather surrounding the contents of the storage. This provides security, quality, convenience, and value to farmers and growers that their stored crops will have a high percentage of being unspoiled.

The old design

iPAC is a native iOS app synced to the TGM System. It provides near real-time responses of fan operations, reports of contents in addition to moisture and weather changes. With the app, farmers are able to connect and operate from anywhere on the globe.

The Challenge

There was a need to redesign iPAC with a much simpler and intuitive interface. Owing to the amount of data and controls to be displayed and used, this complicated the overall procedure and slowed down users.

The Solution

In order to meet the deadline and priorities of business and customer needs, we launched a simple MVP of a working prototype to control the grain bin fans and a CFM calculator.


Many customers have multiple grain bin storages installed in various locations, so we decided a collapsible dropdown menu was intuitive for users to navigate and control each of their individual devices.
There are a lot of factors calculator airflow and CFM (cubic feet per minute), so we came to the conclusion of making the forms easy to fill out with picker views and radio buttons, in order to not overwhelm users.


Putting the designs into a working prototype.

After some initial designs and iterations, we went to build a working prototype on Xcode using Swift and a few open source extensions to get a basic user interface.
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